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      1. Hello! Welcome to Guangzhou Hanniu laser equipment Co., Ltd. official website!



        One: Professional
        12 years of experience in laser equipment manufacturing research and development, factory direct sales, genuine protection!
        Professional R & D team constantly based on user experience, improved market trends improve products, so that products more and more easy to use.
        Three: Quality
        With a special quality inspection team, the product before shipment through a series of careful testing, strict control of product quality and stability.
        Four: Service
        Perfect after-sales system, professional team to provide pre-sale, sale, after-sales technical guidance; so you want to worry, buy Shuxin, with the rest assured!
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        Guangzhou HanNiu machinery equipment Co., Ltd.referred to as "HanNiu laser", is located in Baiyun district, Guangzhou, was established in October 2006, HanNiu laser production base of 4500 square meters, is a professional engaged in the study of lase



        12years of professional laser equipment manufacturers

        Technology to create the future, to the world of the brand

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